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Post Icon Suck? I don’t think so…. is another Great hosting on the web, with their motto “Web Hosting That Rocks!” this hosting really rock the web with their hosting feature: Unlimited Web Space, Unlimited Data Transfer, Free Domain Forever, cPanel contol panel, Fantastico, PHP, MySQL, Ruby, Perl, CGI and other great features.

Easy to use service
No matter if you are a computer newbie or an experienced professional – you will find their services useful. They have user friendly software and a control panel that will help you get your website up and running.

Data Security
Hosting24 use only the highest quality hardware and up-to-date software. Your data is protected by RAID disk arrays. They also generate a full backup of your account every 7 days and put everything on a secure remote storage server.

Reliable and fast servers
Hosting24 have created unique software that is able to fix 99% of server problems automatically without human interaction. There’s no chance you’ll see your website down! Hosting24 also have a policy of a maximum of 300 clients per server. You’ll enjoy the speed.

And more great service ;)

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Review by Thomy, October 23, 2009

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I just signup to Hosting24,
Hope their service really rock as they say.

Review by Jason H, November 25, 2009

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So far so good! Only issue is with how they handle FTP. Dreamweaver becomes more or less useless as a FTP client.

Review by john, June 23, 2010

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i hosted with Hosting24 for just under a year now i bough there business reseller package and was happy with it for the first 2 days then things started to go wrong the enom account that they say they will provide you they don’t because they haven’t worked out a deal with them yet as you know this is false advertising, same thing happened with there website template you get, your ment to get this instantly when your account is activated but to my surprise they wouldn’t give me it, so i worked it out with there staff and admin (this had taken me 40 support posts to get it) and then had to wait 3 weeks for the website to be delivered to me and they also say “You will get 2 hours of our web designer time for your customizations. We can change logo, menu section, slogan text, integrate design with your billing software” but to a surprise when i asked for the 2 hours with there designer they said to me that the time allocated was used to create my template and as anyone who can take a psd and split it up to make a site (without content) should know that it doesn’t take 2 hours to split a single page up in to 17 images and since then i have bough a template from template monster my self and guess what the images are already split up as far as i know all the “designer” did was type 6 words which was the menu. the quality of service i received was disgraceful the servers are ment to be up 99.9% of the time which is about 9 hours the servers where down for at least a total time of 40 hours with in the first 3 months and this got worse the speed is also terrible my site had taken upto 5 minuets to view one page that was 10.15kb which i can download from my new servers in 0.6s, with in the first 6 months i had raised 52 support tickets each with an average of 10 posts, there support staff try to hep you but most of the time the staff try to help you have to dumb everything down and not use big words (i hold nothing against the support staff they try there best and i relay appreciated it) currently as we speek i have had to wait 602 hours for my domain to be transfers to my registrar i this only takes seconds as i have transfers my clients domains before. all in all hositng 24 are very very poor web hostlers .
support 3/10
help desk staff 6/10
hosting 0/10
server uptime 0/10
promises kept by hosting24 0/10

Review by Alex, September 13, 2010

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First of all this hosting company sucks!!! NEVER buy from this idiots hosting, is the biggest mistake you can do for your business ! I have 8 months of hosting from this idiots and I have only problems . Today I’ve had my website down for 4 hours and I loosed 300 euros . When I was talking with the support guys they told me at the beginning that they didnt know that they had this issue , after 30 minutes they changer their mind and told me that they have network issues and they hard drives displayed “disk read errors”. I wanted to report the to BBB, but they dont want to provide their information, like phone number, company name and address .
The tehnical support is full of shit, they don’t know nothing about servers and how to maintain them up&running .
The cpu usage is most of the time over 15% and the site is working like hell, even they suspended my website because of resource consuming , but the site is running on a 586 pc with 233mhz cpu and 256 ram.. they have dual xeon (and I think they lie) ..
The service is slow, even google confirm that in webmaster tools !
they have limits that are not advertised correctly on the website.
Overall I will NOT suggest or recommend this hosting company !
This is the biggest scam ever in hosting field!
Check if you don’t bellive me!

Review by Fede, December 21, 2010

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Hosting24 is the BEST web-hosting I’ve ever been with. They provide a great reliable hosting, with unlimited plans.
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